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Cloud traffic union is one based on the exchange of visits between the principle of free traffic for your site (increase IP, UV, PV, CTR) C / S system. Applicable to various types of networks Webmaster, personal blog, online writers, website promotion, internet marketing, online shop promotion practitioners, as well as its rich network of resources earned off. Powerful, simple operation, the system is rigorous, safe and efficient.

Client uses a multi-process, multi-threaded, to avoid running deadlock; core components within the package automatically updated easily upgrade; start automatically, automatic login, running in the background, and other functions; built-in IE core browser, not inviruses, Trojans, lower memory footprint, lower CPU consumption.

Management client directly on the site operation, freely customize a variety of access rules and browser behavior (pop, PV, antecedents), even by geographic region, a 24-hour period a day and 7 days a week to set up visitsratio.


Advanced programming guide, professional development, team work


Green security, Using Firefox core, no plug-ins


Very easy to operate, no further detour


Accumulation of 900000 users, word of mouth.Daily progress

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